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Together with our network of business partners we are always happy to help and assist you.

Our office in: Herrenberg, Germany
Aquapura Systems GmbH
Schwarzwaldstraße 99
D-71083 Herrenberg
Our location in: Edingburgh, Scotland

Our Partner

Jahn Consult in Berlin

JahnConsult has been providing quality technical consultation since 1979. The companies experience is extensive and diverse consulting on planning, building operations, private appraisals and development of technical products. Specialist areas include; building energy systems, technical building equipment, technical facility management, thermal building physics, heat and cooling supply and energy contracting.

The company’s focus areas are hospitals, libraries, museums, hotels, swimming pools, schools, halls and larger administrative buildings. For about 20 years JahnConsult has been a contractor in the consortium for energy-saving contracting for hospitals, museums, libraries (guarantee of success).

JahnConsult has been involved in development work that was carried out on air conditioning components (in China), capillary tube air conditioning, hypoxic equipment for sports applications, water disinfection (since 1993) and district heating and cooling networks (since 2015).

Since 2015, JahnConsult has further expanded its activities to include consulting and distribution of systems for sustainable drinking water and process water disinfection. Areas of application for this field include residential buildings, swimming pools, cooling towers and other commercial applications.
JahnConsult GmbH
Hydroexpert in Preetz

Your partner in Northern Germany

HydroExpert is your reliable partner for all tasks in the field of hygiene in water systems and drinking water systems. You benefit from great expertise and decades of experience. Our team consists of qualified professionals with all the necessary certifications - both in the drinking water arena and industrial sectors.

Our Services:

  • Hazard analyzes for drinking water installations according to TrinkwV 2001
  • Hazard assessments for evaporative cooling systems according to VDI 2047
  • Legionnaire control measures
  • Professional cleaning and disinfection
  • Action Implementation
  • Preventive measures
  • Certified sampling (drinking water, well systems, evaporative cooling systems)
  • Water sampling on request
HydroExpert GmbH & Co. KG
Am Wasserturm 8
D-24211 Preetz